Why Are Grains Excluded From The Paleo Diet?

paleo dietThe Paleo Diet presents consumers with an alternative option to standard dieting. It doesn’t impose strict guidelines such as calorie counting or portion control. It provides the opportunity to eat the foods that you love. This includes any foods that hunters or gatherers could have obtained in the Paleolithic period.

Why are Grains Removed from the Diet?

According to the studies presented by the diet’s creators, grains were not a part of a human’s diet during the Paleolithic period. For this reason, it is removed from the diet. It is said that the body cannot adjust to the introduction of grains into the system. For this reason, they experience unwanted weight gain and potential allergies. According to their studies, if the consumers eliminate the grains from their diet, they become healthier and lower common risks.

What Conditions are Caused by Gluten in Grains?

The body’s intolerance to gluten isn’t something that is new. In recent years, it has been discovered that a higher number of people have gluten allergies. Among the conditions that are caused by consuming gluten are acid reflux, joint pain, issues with reproductive systems, and dermatitis.

Are They the Only Issues with Grains?

No according to studies, individuals who started using Paleo Diet Recipes and eliminated grains suffered fewer issues with their digestive system. According to these studies, the grains contain lectins which release toxins into the body. These toxins present serious issues to the gastrointestinal tract that could cause permanent damage.

What Foods are Included in the Diet?

As the consumers review the diet more closely, they discover in the Paleo Recipes are lean meats, veggies, and nuts. They can also eat a wide variety of fruits. The diet presents the consumer with all foods that are acquired through farming or hunting.

The Paleo diet could provide the consumers with a diet option that includes foods they like. They don’t count calories and divide their food into portions. They eliminate foods that contain gluten and refined sugars. This can help them achieve a healthier body and maintain a better body weight. Consumers who want to start a new plan should review the Paleo Lifestyle today.

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